anxiety: calming the chaos within

anxiety calming the chaos within

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anxiety bookGail A. Barrett, Clinical Counsellor (Retired)

  • Gail Barrett was born into a Saskatchewan farming family of seven, springing from the strong values of compassion, kindness, and equality for all human beings. She was raised with the belief that if you try your best, it will always be good enough. Gail seeks balance in all areas of her life, and finds great contentment in her work as a counsellor, and in her role as a mother, grandmother, sister, and friend. Gail has a Master’s Degree in Psychology Counselling and is also certified to work with Trauma Recovery and Grief Support. Using a wholistic approach, much of her work is devoted to helping clients understand and manage their anxiety.
  • Gail is available for speaking engagements and workshops, tailored to your specific needs.


Neil - Caversham Booksellers Toronto
December 4th, 2019

Gail barrett has written a book on anxiety for everyone. Have you already tackled workbooks to your limit? Feeling like reading about anxiety and having the exercises sneak up on you before deciding whether or not you would like to do any exercises? Well, Barrett's book is for you. On top of all of this it is a scrumptious read on its topic. One could be read it cover to cover just for interest's sake. Anxiety is, very sadly, a growth industry and there are so many effective ways to write and learn about it. Anxiety: Calming the Chaos Within is a good standalone as well as a very acceptable conduit between some of the more full-on workbooks and resources available and something like Joseph Ledoux's Anxiety: Using the Brain to Understand and Treat Fear and Anxiety. Barrett's personal accounts combined with a wealth of knowledge provided me with a delightful armchair of syntax leading to deeper insight into my own occurrences of overwhelm. Give this one a go!



Anxiety Strategy Cards are finished and available!

Learning to manage your anxiety is all about training your brain to make it happen. When we use our strategies daily, our anxiety decreases. Most of us need reminders to practice our strategies, and these 46 anxiety cards will be your daily reminder.

This daily practice will create accumulative, positive changes in your brain, steadily moving you forward to enjoy a more peaceful life.

Each card is paired with a page number in the book, in case you wish to do further reading to remind you exactly how the strategy works.

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Shared experiences and practical strategies to create positive change.

Anxiety is epidemic and it touches people from all walks of life, knowing no age, gender, cultural, or economic boundaries. It can be paralyzing while considerably narrowing the scope of your life. This book provides practical, wholistic, easily understood strategies for all ages, presented through storytelling and the sharing of real experiences. You will discover the benefits of cognitive behavioral work (yes, your thinking and behavior do matter!) and learn how to let go of control, stop what-iffing, set boundaries, calm your body, and stop stewing – all to help you alleviate your anxiety. You will discover the importance of effective strategies such as visualization, mindfulness and meditation, self-care, and the practice of gratitude. The author believes that anxiety is impacted by our life experience and the manipulation of our DNA at the cellular level, but more importantly, that it is largely a learned behavior. The good news is this: what you have learned you can also unlearn – and then you can learn something new! As you move through this book you will be gently coached to befriend and then let go of your anxiety, creating lasting change.



"A practical and empowering guide to one of life’s most common challenges."


"…a warm, unconventional, well-researched, easily accessible, upbeat manual to manage anxiety."


"When you have an entire shed of tools to make your project easier, why not utilize everything at your disposal?"


"An experiential approach to the human struggle with anxiety."



Reviewsanxiety calming the chaos within

“Gail Barrett has written a powerful book to address the prevalent and complex issue of anxiety and how to deal with it. Through anecdotes from her own struggles, along with stories from her work as a caring therapist, she helps us understand the many faces of anxiety. More importantly, she leads us through strategies and techniques that can help us deal with this potentially crippling condition, taking the ugly beast of ‘anxiety’ by the horns and taming it for us. As an educator for 35 years, I highly recommend the information shared in this book. Her wealth of life experience makes her book a rich source of useful and potentially life-changing suggestions, delivered in a warm, caring and non-intimidating, easy-to-use format. It is a useful resource for people of all ages and backgrounds, with an approach that is gender-friendly and culturally inclusive; a life-affirming book urging us to reach for the joy while giving us the information we need to deal with the hurdles in our way. She helps us to believe (and makes it clear how) we can tame this beast too!”
Brenda Tenold, B.A, M.Ed, Teacher, Administrator, Curriculum Writer, Consultant

With lessons gleaned from her own experience (which is a great deal in itself, and a fascinating part of the book) Gail offers a warm, unconventional, well-researched, easily accessible, upbeat manual to manage anxiety. This book is chock full of strategies, set with easy to follow guidelines and a wonderful sense of humourous play that carries the book along, saying “You can do it!”
Carrie Bahm MA, RCC

"I highly recommend that you keep this must-read reference book by your side. It provides practical, easy to follow processes that allow you to look at your anxiety and learn how to deal with it. I will be purchasing the book for my family and friends."
Norma Green, Former Director, Men’s Spiritual Healing Lodge

"I am a proponent of CBT or other types of therapies in combination with or as a substitution for medications when applicable. When you have an entire shed of tools to make your project easier, why not utilize everything at your disposal? This book contains a lot of tools!"
Dr. Michele McCue, BCPP

"Gail Barrett’s achievement is evident when she compassionately completes this commitment to share her personal experiences and knowledge as a clinical counsellor/therapist. The personal sharing, lessons learned, knowledge of experts and strategies/tasks to manage anxiety chaos are abundant and practical."
Glenda Hanson, MSW

"An experiential approach to the human struggle with anxiety and how it manifests in daily living. Gail has addressed the realities of coping with anxiety, while encouraging us to befriend it in order to successfully respond to it. A practical and empowering guide to one of life’s most common challenges."
Aleitha Ward MPS (AT), RSW

"I accessed useful information about the origins of anxiety and how and why it manifests. I learned that I have a choice as to whether or not I allow it to run my life. Gail provides tools to kick anxiety to the curb. The tools are practical, easy to incorporate into a daily practice of self-care, and sometimes, down-right fun. Gail writes from the perspective of a clinical therapist, and human being who has experienced anxiety since childhood. Her book comforted me when I was experiencing high levels of anxious behaviours. I am at last on the path of self-rediscovery and living a life without anxiety."
Judy Walker, Post-Anxiety Bloomer